1- Introduction

Faraz Moshaver Audit Firm was established in Tehran on first of December 1988 as a partnership and corporate under the registration number 3491. The firm is currently active in the field of auditing, management consultancy, accountancy services, designing and implementation of accounting systems. Also the firm is engaged in share valuation and project appraisals. This firm and its partners are members of the Iranian Association of Certified Public Accountants. And the firm and its partners are recognized as independent auditors by the Audit Organization of Iran and also the Tehran Stock Exchange, and the Iranian Institute of Certified Accountants, and also the Iran Management Consultant Association. The firm can engage in the financial audit and also tax audit.

2- Particulars of the firm’s partners

The firm has 5 partners all of whom are highly experienced in audit and accounting services. The following gives a brief description of their qualifications and work experience.
( A ) Mr. Nariman Ilkhany
( i ) Qualifications :
- BSC ( Econ. ) , London School of Economics , University of London U.K. 1973 .
- Fellow Chartered Accountant ( Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales )
( ii ) Positions held and work experience
- Started work with PMM London Office in 1974
- Head of Nationalized Industries Organization and Plan and Budget Organizations' Audit Firm.
- Member of the board of directors of Iran’s Audit Organization.
- Member of the board of directors of Export Development Bank of Iran.
( iii ) Other activities
Teaching experience at credible universities and educational
establishments including Tehran University, Allameh Tabatabaii
University, Azad University, Petroleum Industry University, Industrial Management Institute and also managerial level of CIMA. As a member of Iran’s Institute of Certified Accountants, Mr. Ilkhany is actively involved in the educational and publishing activities of the said institute.
( B ) Mr. Parviz Sadeghi
( i ) Qualifications :
- BA. in Accounting , Accountancy College of Tehran 1973.
- MA. in Accounting , Allameh Tabatabaii University 1975.
( ii ) Positions held
- Started work with WM Tehran Office in 1971.
- Member of the Management Council of the Nationalized Industries Organization and Plan and Budget Organization Audit firm.
- Audit Manager, Audit Organization.
- Finance and administration deputy of Nationalized Iranian Industries Organization.
( iii ) Other activities
- Member of the High Council of Iran’s Institute of Certified Accountants.
( C ) Mr . Asghar Abdollahi Tirabadi
( i ) Qualifications :
- BA. in Accounting , Accountancy College of Tehran 1970.
( ii ) Positions held
- Started work with Amin Audit Firm of Tehran.
- Member of the Management Council of the Nationalized Industries Organization and Plan and Budget Organization Audit Firm.
- Audit Manager, Audit Organization.
- Finance Director of the Pharmaceutical Group of NII0.
( D ) Mr . Fariborz Heydari Bigvand
( i ) Qualifications :
- BA in Accounting. Accountancy College in 1972.
( ii ) Positions held
- Started work with coopers management consultancy Tehran Office in 1974.
- Chief of accounting department of various companies and organizations such as Nationalized Industries of Iran Organization.
( E ) Mr. Saeed Khariyaband
( i ) Qualifications :
- BA Azad University of Tehran in 1995.
( ii ) Positions held
- Started work in accounting departments in 1982

3- “ Faraz “ in Perspective

( i ) Position among audit firms

Faraz Moshaver Audit Firm constitutes one of the top 5 largest audit and accountancy firms in Iran. Moreover, at the private sector level, the firm has a far better competitive position in terms of the quality and quantity of services especially its wide range of tasks that can perform.
( ii ) Personnel

The firm has over 120 employees who are active at various occupational levels. The professional personnel are all qualified in the accounting and finance, holding the minimum of BA Degree in the said subjects. The non- professional employees are minimal in number and constitute only 6 persons.
The personnel of this firm are assessed according to their qualification & experience after attending the relevant educational and training courses and they are evaluated accordingly. This firm is currently in correspondence with two firms one in UK and the other one in UAE.
( iii ) Branches

The firm has 2 branches in the cities of Mashhad and Hamedan.
The Mashhad branch has about 12 employees engaging in the audit and accounting services to about 20 companies. The Hamedan branch has about 12 personnel engaged in the audit of the province municipalities and their related organizations, the universities of the province and about 8 privately owned companies.

iv ) The address of the head office of the firm and its branches are:
1) Head office
(Address: No 444 Ostad Motahari Ave, (off Larestan St,) Tehran 1595844314 Iran.
Telephone which can be used as fax also are :
+98 88938528, +98 88902522, +98 88893898, +98 88892036 +88894468, +98 88893991
Mashhad Branch
The manager: Mr. Hamid Sadeghi,
Address: No 8 Zomorod Building, Sadjad Bullevard, Mashhad, Iran.
Telephone & Fax 0511- 7684550
Hamedan Branch
The manager: Mr. Hamid Reza Almaii
Address: 3rd flour Jam Building, Jahad Street (South of Jahad Square), Hamedan, Iran.
Telephone: 0811-8241872 Fax: 0811-8237761

4- Activities
4-1- Audit

The real capital of this firm is its clients. At present this firm is auditing more than 150 companies. These companies consist of about 10 quoted companies and a few foreign owned or joint venture companies:
4-1 The foreign owned companies or joint venture companies are:
- Baf Valves Iran – Importer of various types of industrial valves.
- Pur-ner Iran – Exporting and packing of bitumen.
- Saveh Thermal Ceramics – producer of thermal ceramics material.
- Golden Group – Active in petrochemical industries.
- Valeo - Armco Co. – producer of car cooling system.
- Belrocher company – producer of additive.
- Tehran Soofa – producer of Industrial Valves
- Petropars Co. – general contractor active in oil and gas industries.
4-2 The companies quoted in Tehran Stock Exchange that are audited by us are:
1) Noosh Mazandaran; producer of orange and other citrus juice and concentrate.
2) Sina Chemical Industries; the biggest producer of hexamine and phormalin in Iran.
3) Pars Toosheh Investment Company; a holding company of various light industries.
4) Pars Khazar Industrial Company; the biggest producer of house hold appliances (more than 1.2 million products) in Iran.
5) Pars Shahab Lamp; the biggest producer of various electrical lamps (about 60 million) in Iran.
6) Toos Textile; a company engaged in the production of woolen and also polyester textile for clothing and also vehicle seats.
7) Koasar Pharmaceuticals; the second biggest producer of anti biotic in Iran.
8) Amin Pharmaceuticals; a producer of various medicines for human consumptions.
9) Tehran Pharmaceuticals; a producer of various medicines for human consumptions.
10) Iran Casting Industries; a producer of casting materials.
The companies that are audited by this firm have a wide range of activities and are from nearly all branches of Iranian economy from big joint ventures for production of motor cars, car components, consumer goods, stock brokers, leasing companies, commercial and distribution companies, prefabricated building materials ….
This firm was the joint audit of the Tehran Municipality for 4 years.

4-2- Accountancy services

This firm is engaged in wide range of accountancy services consisting of book keeping of about 20 small to medium size companies engaged in various industries such as tile factory, production of office furniture etc.
For some clients we prepare the consolidated financial statements like Iran Steel Industries.
Also for some of the companies we have prepared fixed assets register and identified its assets, and many other tasks in this respect.

4-3- Accounting System

This firm is active in the field of designing and implementing accounting systems both manual and computerized. In this respect we have a wealth of various systems such as product costing systems for various industries like electronic devices, distribution and commercial companies etc.

4-4- Share Valuation

This firm has prepared many share valuation reports for various organizations. The biggest one is the valuation of the Alloy Steel of Yazd with the capacity to produce 300,000 tons of various alloys of steel per year. Also we prepare assets valuation report for those who want to make investment in Canada.

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